Fridayyyyy! I could not be more excited for a three day weekend. I have all sorts of exciting shoots on saturday and sunday! Additionally, I get to meet my newest cousin, who I will certainly be sharing with you in the near future. To add to all of the excitement, my nephew Tyler is turning one! I cannot wait see his little smiling face when his mom and I let him smash a cake (right of passage when you turn one! Its a must!) So more on all of that next week, but before I get to beautiful Annaliese – I must wish my bff Marissa a very happy birthday! Marissa, happy birthday to you. I wish I was there to celebrate. Soon!! xoxo

Today I am excited to share the fabulous Annaliese with you. Annaliese is a talented artist and actress as well. She stylized this shoot herself and we had the best time shooting up off of a hidden trail in the hills. Annaliese, her mom, myself, and my friend Mike (aspiring photog) headed up the trail until we found the perfect spot with shade and sun. We laughed and had a great time. I love Annaliese’s individual sense of style and personality. It shows in every shot!

Annaliese – thank you for allowing me to capture this scene with you! I had the best time and I cannot wait to do it again!


  1. Carleigh…I absolutely love these. They are beautiful and timeless. A combination of your photography and Annaliese’s natural beauty and style? Having known Annaliese in highschool, I can tell you she gets more and more beautiful every year, she is lucky to have someone like you to capture her unique features.

    Annaliese, love the feathered head piece, love the coat and suitcase.

  2. The ones with the white dress look like an album cover. Pretty cool.

  3. I realy like the first one were she is smiling and laufing. I wood like to be there reading my book.

  4. Very nice, maybe I can come on your next shoot with you? I just got a new wide angle lens i have been dying to try. Also, I could really use some editing tips, you make your backgrounds look so inviting and alive without drawing too much attention.

  5. Wow Carleigh! These are so amazing. It doesn’t hurt that your subject matter is so beautiful, but the shots are fantastic.

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