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Monday! Where do I even begin? At least I am caffeinated. Coffee, I love you. I was also given a homemade scone with asiago cheese and ham. Delish! Makes the morning a little easier that’s for sure. Monday is about to get easier for you too because today I have a long over due post for you – Alicia and Josh! Where can I even begin about these two? They are the absolute cutest together and their wedding was filled with so much excitement and love. I am honored I was there to capture the day.

Alicia and Josh were married last October in the yard of their beautiful home outside Sacramento. The wedding occurred right at that time when I was in between my old blog and this new, spiffier version so I never had the chance to post about them. Then this past week I realized it was their anniversary (already?? congrats you two!!) and anniversaries are also the perfect occasion for posting blogs. So I figured, better late than never, right?

Alicia and Josh wanted to create a backyard feeling for their wedding and there is really no better way to do that than to have your wedding at home. It creates the most personal experience and the guests feel completely at ease. I also think its nice to have everything you need close by when you are getting ready! They worked incredibly hard to get the yard ready and move things around so that they have their special day. Everything came together beautifully and I watched it unfold as all of the vendors set up while Alicia and Josh were getting ready.

Since Alicia is a huge animal lover they own a home with room to keep a few horses. We had a great time taking a few photos with one of her horses and Alicia also incorporated a country theme, complete with carriage, into the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and as the went down the property lit up and it was a magical evening. Every guest had the most fantastic time dancing, eating cupcakes, and celebrating Alicia and Josh.

Alicia and Josh – happy anniversary to you! You guys are absolutely adorable together and looking back through your pictures put such a huge smile on my face! I had a blast at your wedding. I hope you have had a fantastic first year of marriage and I also hope you come visit soon! Now, on to the wedding…


  1. I remembr this weding!!! I was so mad that you did not post any pics 4 me! Ur American wedings R so diffrent from our Belize wedings. LOve these pictures.

  2. These pictures are beautiful. They remind me of my wedding, I had a back yard affair also. The one with the groomsmen holding the bouquets is so cute and I really like the one with the rings on the boots.

  3. This blog is so much better than the old blog, the old blog was always crashing!!! I am so glad I found the new blog. Normally, I am a huge fan of the black and whites, but on this one, I really like the color pictures, especially the night ones. It looks like a great party.

  4. Okay…I just wanna remind everyone that my wedding was first and when you become a rich and famous photographer I want everyone to know that my wedding was the first you did.

    Now that I got that out of the way…Carleigh…these are gorgeous. I absolutely love the one with the girls in the colored dresses jumping. The color in this entire photo shoot is just breathtaking. The cupcakes for example. Just love them.

      • My wedding was a long time ago, before they even made computers. Hahah..just kidding, it was three years ago, before Carleigh’s blog era, but Raul and I are having some pictures shot this weekend, so maybe she will post those.

    • I love the cupcake photo as well. They look absolutely delicious. The composition of the photo is amazing, Carleigh…what lens were you using?


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