Hi friends. I hope you have all been having a fantastic week so far. I am kind of bummed its raining after having such a beautiful week last week, but I guess we need the rain since its been such a dry winter so far! I will be toughing it out with rain boots and a venti latte. Now if only I could stay inside all day! HA. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Today I have a shoot from a couple weeks ago with the lovely Jenny and Ian. I love these two for so many reasons! First, its because when Jenny emailed me about her shoot, she used the words “Mad Max” and “Sequin”. LOVE. Jenny wanted something different for her Bump shoot and that is exactly what we did. I love it when you guys are all creative and stuff! Fantastic! Jenny (fashionista) really did not want to lose fashion from her life when she became pregnant. So shes been rocking it out, heels and all, for eight months now. I am impressed. She hasnt even purchased one maternity garment. She has been putting together her outfits each day with items that still represent her style while allowing her to be pregnant. Jenny – I love this!

When Jenny and Ian planned their shoot, they wanted a little seclusion. Eventually they decided to draw from a “Mad Max” theme and they chose the beach down in Half Moon Bay. But not just any beach. A secluded one. Ian led the way as Jenny and I hiked down the cliff to this beach. I wasnt sure how we were going to get back up, but once we were down there I didnt care. It was a beautiful beach with little nooks for shooting. We were slightly detoured by the sand storm of the century but Jenny and Ian were amazing sports. Jenny’s sequin dress did not disappoint! The sun reflected off of it nicely and I love the pretty glow it has in the photos. After we finished up at the beach we hiked back up, took some pics along the path, and headed back to a quaint little hotel in downtown Half Moon Bay.

At the hotel Jenny did a quick outfit change and then we played around in the hotel room. I love how these turned out and I had such a great time shooting. We used the light from outside as the sun went down on such a beautiful day. It was great to end the shoot inside a nice warm hotel room too! Jenny and Ian – I love you guys. I cant wait to meet your baby when he makes his debut. I will see you soon, hopefully with baby at the hospital. xoxo



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