Hello to you blog lovers. I have missed you. Noticed my absence? I know. It’s been a while. I’ve missed you desperately and I promise not to do it again. Stupid tests! To make up for my two week hiatus, I have a shoot that makes me smile from ear to ear every time I look at it. These two handsome little guys belong to my talented friend Kriselle and I was smitten with them right from the get go. Jeremyah is the older brother and he plays the role perfectly – encouraging Jamieson, challenging him, and then helping him along the way. At several points throughout the day I watched him stop to help his brother, put his arm around his shoulder, or simply wait for him to catch up. It was really endearing and it was easy to see right into Jeremyah’s soul.

Jamieson was, just like almost every younger child I have ever shot, a much more determined personality than his older brother. Jamieson pushed every limit presented to him during the shoot. We shot down at the harbor, so there was a lot of fun places to climb and run (a MUST when you are shooting little boys!) and Jamieson climbed to the top of the rocks without assistance. We also climbed to the bottom of the other side to throw rocks into the water. I was amazed watching him and seeing the concentration and determination on his face. Later in the day, we decided to finish up our shoot with a little soccer, since it is a sport both boys love. This was a perfect example of both personalities of the boys! Jeremyah, letting Jamieson battle him for the ball and then letting him take the lead and then Jamieson, trying so hard to keep the ball from his brother.

Jeremyah and Jamieson also brought Lexi, their wiggly little 16 month old puppy to their shoot. Lexi was as cute as could be and I loved watching her play on the dock with her “brothers”. At one point, she tried to jump in! Thank god for the leash.

Okay enough about the shoot! I think the pictures tell the story :) I am off to enjoy my coffee before it gets cold. Kriselle – thank you for all of your support and help with this blog. Every time I can’t get something to work properly or I dream up some new idea you make it happen almost instantaneously and I could not be more grateful that you have helped me create such a beautiful place to share my work. Also, thank you so much for choosing me to shoot your amazing little boys. You are doing a fantastic job with them! They are such sweet, well-mannered, intelligent kids and I loved spending the afternoon shooting them. xoxo



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