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Hi Friends! Happy Friday :) I am so excited about my shoots this coming weekend. Tomorrow I have baby Leah and her family (who can resist a three month old shoot? NOT ME!) and then on Sunday I have a rad shoot planned with some of the most amazing vendors on the peninsula. It is sure to be a great time and I cannot wait to share all of the details with you!

Today I am excited to share sweet one year old Dylan with you! These were taken during her Pinwheels and Bubbles Birthday Party and it was an an absolute blast. Dylan’s parents put every bit of effort into making this a memorable occasion and they did not disappoint. Every detail was perfect and I was so impressed! Dylan was an absolute joy as always and seemed to really love turning one. I truly cannot believe how big she has gotten so fast and I am honored that I was there to document the day.

Enjoy all of the details! Also, I know I am overly sentimental about grandfathers, but toward the end you will see Dylan and her Grandpa. They are so sweet together and she would not let go of his hand while playing with her friends in the bubbles. I absolutely love capturing these moments that I know she is going to look back on and love when she is all grown up. Happy Birthday Dylan!

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  1. Love is in the details and I love the details of this party. Us mommies that throw parties leave it all ‘on the table’ and this is such a wonderful way to capture that not just a memory for baby but for us as well.


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