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I am so excited it’s Friday! Not only do I have all sort of fun shooting activities planned for this weekend, but I am also attending one of my closest friends bridal showers. So excited to see her :) I have been SO busy the past couple weeks with spring shoots it has been crazy but I took a nice little break on Easter and hung out with my family. Some of them got baby chickens to raise. I cannot wait for some organic eggs! Also my sister came to town with her husband and that was fun too. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families too.

So a few weeks ago I met up with Mieke, TO, and Mason to shoot Mason’s 9 month old pictures. And it rained the entire shoot. Of course. (By the way – if you are in the bay area – that storm last night?!? cray. I was tempted to try and snap some lightening shots but I didn’t want to get wet. I was still highly amused watching). So since it was raining we took the opportunity to shoot Mason in the house. They have a cool black and white floor. I love the photos in black and white with Mason playing there. He really is such an adorable baby. I love him to pieces. He kept trying to “get the camera” which I thought was really cute as well. The last time I shot Mason, at his six month pictures, he was just starting to sit up. This time, he was crawling ALL over the place and pulling himself up to stand – one handed! I am sure that when I see him again he will probably be walking. Seeing these things is one of the main reasons I love shooting every three months when they are under a year. It really captures the little things that go by so quickly.

I hope you enjoy these moments with Mason (and his ducky, Howard!). I love love love shooting him and I cannot wait for his birthday. Mieke and TO, you are both troopers going out in the rain with a baby for our tree shots. I can’t wait to see Mason turn one in a few months! xoxo


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