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Its Sunday night and normally I would wait until the morning to post all about my entertaining weekend, but today is Mother’s Day and I just could not resist sharing this amazing Mom and her family tonight! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Sweet Poppy Moms and Moms-to-be out there. Did you know that I have the best Mom’s as clients? Well I do! You guys amaze me. You really do.

I spent this morning hanging out with my own amazing Momma and Nana too. It was so much fun! We ate and laughed and relaxed. Nana has been a little under the weather, but she seems to be getting better by the minute. I hope you all got to do something special too!

So a little while ago I got a very sweet e-mail from Rebekah. She wanted to have a shoot with her family as a Mother’s Day gift to herself. Her children are almost 16, 6, and 6 months and it seemed like the perfect time to capture them. I could not have agreed with her more and I had an absolute BLAST with them at the beach. I was really excited to meet them. When Rebekah emailed me about her shoot, she let me know that they would be traveling down from Sacramento. I was so excited (and SO nervous!!) that a family was going to come all that way for a shoot! I absolutely loved spending some time with them, and I think their images really reflect the love that they have in their family.

Irene is almost 16 and so beautiful! You can tell she is the big sister – carefully looking after both Julian and Ellie. I was almost mesmerized watching Irene and Julian play together in the water. They have a special bond and I can see how much Julian looks up to his sister. Ellie is equally as sweet, taking in the scenery and watching her siblings. Julian is very active and was a blast to shoot – running, throwing sticks, rocks – and just plain having fun. I love that age so much! Rebekah and Brandon are amazing, loving parents. Brandon and Julian are great together. Fathers and sons are the best! I love that Rebekah chose to capture memories for her Mother’s Day. I think that time really flies -and 6 becomes 16 in no time flat. Rebekah, in the few hours I spent with you – I can see how filled with love you are for your family. You are a wonderful Mom, and I hope you have a very special, wonderful, Mother’s Day! Rebekah and Brandon – thank you for driving all the way here and choosing me to shoot your adorable family! I had SO MUCH FUN!



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