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HELLO! And welcome to September! I cannot believe I just typed that. So, I majorly failed this year on blogging. But this website is in the middle of a major renovation (hello new images and content!) so I have a good (sort-of) excuse. Anyway, I have a good reason for posting today. Mini session sign up spots. Current clients get an advantage of signing up first, so 80% of the spots are already full, but there are a handful left and you should snag one. Mini sessions are condensed sessions (read about them below). There are three full session spots left for the rest of the year. (IF YOU WANT A FULL SESSION THIS YEAR YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW).

As with all the previous years – you have a chance to win your mini session spot by sharing on Facebook and/or Instagram. Just head on over to the Sweet Poppy Studios fan page HERE and 1) LIKE our page. 2) SHARE our image pinned to the top with information about the MINI sessions. 3) COMMENT on our image that your shared it! (If you don’t comment I won’t know to look and see that you shared. Got it? 1) LIKE 2) SHARE 3) COMMENT – easy as pie. If you for sure want a space, it’s best to still go reserve your time slot. If you win, your shoot will be free and you will be refunded your payment. On Instagram, 1) Go FOLLOW @sweetpoppystudios 2) REPOST our image about the mini session and use the hashtag #sweetpoppymini Got it? 1) FOLLOW 2) REPOST. Easy. Yes, you can enter twice by doing it on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s obviously super fun! So go share =)


SEPT 27 SAN FRANCISCO (Lyon Street Steps)

OCT 15 LOS ALTOS (Nature)



NOV 11 SAN FRANCISCO (Lyon Street Steps)


Here are some commonly asked questions for you to review!

1) What is the difference between a regular shoot and a MINI session?
A regular session lasts in between 1 and 1.5 hours, allows for you to choose your own location, and allows enough time for an outfit change, as well as multiple combinations of your family members (parent with each child, children without parents, etc…), and focuses heavily on showing the personalities each member of your family. Mini sessions last 20 minutes, have a set location, are designed to produce a reduced set of images with a goal of capturing an image for a holiday card, or simply to document your family at this time of year. They are for immediate family only. The most popular use of the mini shoot is as a supplement to your regular shoot, taken earlier this year. If you are unsure if a MINI session is for you don’t worry! Just email me and we will talk through it to figure out what is best for you.

2) Carleigh, what happens if it rains?
Great Question. We will still shoot that day – just at a rain friendly location for all of the session locations except for Half Moon Bay. Let’s not fret about this until we are sure it is going to happen. If the weather predicts rain I will be in touch with back up location information etc…

3) What should we wear?
Ah the age old outfit question. My best advice is that you wear something that you feel good in. We move around a lot at my shoots, so you should feel comfortable moving around quickly with your kids and getting up and down. We are going to be outside so a full on tuxedo might be a little bit awkward looking, but if that is 100% you and you know how to rock that tuxedo then go ahead and wear it. Okay? Good!

I think overall it is best if you avoid the following things:
Dressing Matchy-Matchy
Sports Attire
Outfits with words on the front (“Airplane”)
Clothing your child hates. If they do not feel their best, they will not act their best. I don’t care if its the sweater Auntie Janice gave him. If he hates it, leave it home.

Please do:
Bring layers for your kids! Last year, it sprinkled on the morning of one of the dates but not enough to move locations and then on one of the other dates I got sunburned. Best to be prepared for everything!
Bring two outfits if you are unsure what will be best or you simply cannot decide.
Try the outfits you select for your children on them prior to arriving at the shoot.
Email me if you need help. Send me a picture of what you are considering and I will help you out!

4) My children do not like to have their picture taken. What can I do to ensure that they look happy and remain cooperative?
We have our tricks, so I would encourage you not to worry about this too much. However, if you know your kids get a little nervous with activities like this, then lets not bother telling them that a photo shoot is what is going to happen, okay? Just bring them along, tell them they are going to hang out with me, and I will distract them from the photography part of things. Which brings me to my next frequently asked question…

5) How can I best prep my family for the shoot?
With all seriousness – food. I know its hard to have breakfast/lunch when you are trying to prep everyone for a shoot. Gathering up outfits, shoes, kids, spouses – its not always easy. I know this. But please, if you do anything, remember to eat something before your shoot. Hungry kids and spouses are distracted kids and spouses who cannot wait to leave so they can eat. Avoid this by eating. If you child is growing and is often hungry, pack a snack. If your baby is not on solids yet, bring a bottle/plan on a little feeding right before the shoot. It helps. I promise. I know it messes with the feeding schedule. It’s okay. Its for a special occasion.

6) We have a package with you. Do we use one of the shoots from the package for the mini session?
You can, but I would not recommend it. Since the mini session is “mini”, it doesn’t really make sense to use a shoot from your package on the mini. If you are confused about this email me and we can talk.

7) When can I expect to see the images?
At the latest, Wednesday, November 23rd. Everyone’s images will roll out at different times as we process them. We will email you with your gallery password and information about the files etc… If you have not heard from us by November 24th, call or email me! Chances are the email to you went to spam or got lost in internet land. It happens!

8) We want to order wall art and/or images and/or albums for gifts this year! When is the last date I can order from you and still get them back in time for Christmas?
December 10th. That gives you two weeks. If you know what you want ahead of time, please do not wait until the last day just because you can =) Earlier this year I had an order get lost in the mail. If we don’t wait until the last minute it’s a good thing =)

9) I want to bring extended family to the shoot (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles Etc…) Is that okay?
These time slots are designed for just enough time to capture immediately family only. If you want multiple combinations of family shots you need to reserve two spaces back to back with each other so we have enough time to shoot everything. If you have questions email me about this. Also, it’s distracting for children to have people moving around behind me and I don’t have enough time at mini sessions to combat this, so please leave all extras at home. If you aren’t sure what to do – email me.

10) We have a dog and want to include them in the photos. Is this allowed?
Yes and no. Portola Valley allows dogs. Los Altos does not. If you want to include a pet, great! I love them and so does Marissa. Please sign up for Portola Valley and I are happy to include them! I do require that you keep them on a leash though, so be prepared with a leash you want to have in family photos. When scheduling with Marissa, make sure you let her know you are planning to bring your pet.

11) Can I bring props to the shoot?
I would greatly prefer if you didn’t because it tends to distract your children. However, I will make exceptions for very special items. Reach out to me first and we can talk about it =)

12) I read this entire thing and you didn’t answer any of my questions! Oh no! Well, email me. info@sweetpoppystudios.com. I will get back to you as soon as I can =) I can’t wait to see you soon!!



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